Many of us send plenty of time maintaining and enjoying our lawns, mowing
them, fertilizing them and just walking through them on a nice day, but few of us
ever examine the plants like we do at Outdoor Turf Professionals. Many people
ask me, '"How can I get a beautiful Lawn?"  It is simple, with our hard work and
dedication we can do it for you.

Step 1.   Have a soil test done to find out the pH and other nutrients of the soil.
Step 2.   Add nutritional and organic amendments to the top 4" of soil according to
                soil test results.
Step 3.  Prepare the soil or dirt for planting use a slit seeder to plant the seed 1/4"
in the soil,  plant fescue @ a rate of 10 Lbs. per 1,000 Sq. Ft. or 400 Lbs.                 
per acre.
Step 4.  Cover with straw, Erosion Blanket, or seed establishment mulch.
Step 5.  Add nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  They are the building blocks
of fertilizer, and they are a critical part of turf grass health.
Step 6.  Mow at a correct height, and develop a regular mowing schedule.
Step 7.  Develop an organic or synthetic fertilizer application schedule.  
*Organic 4 step application per year.
*Synthetic 3 step application per year.
Late March or
September is the ideal
time to seed.
OTP uses RYAN slit-seeders
for the best results
in overseeding through
lish turf.  
Our seeding techniques have been tested at SIU in Carbondale!
We used three different types of seeding techniques, core aerification seeding, slit seeding, and broadcast
seeding. All techniques were tested in September 2010 at the Turf Grass Field Research plots at SIU in